Schools/Youth Groups

Schools and Youth Groups

Dependant on the age of your group and their thirst for excitement, we have three different variations of our fantastic experience.

Team building

Alpha Ops ‘The break-in’ has a variety of both physical and mental challenges which have to be overcome by both individuals and small groups to achieve the ultimate objective! This means whether participants realise it or not, they must work together!

Working under pressure

The clock is counting down, the mission getting closer to failure unless the team can pull it out the bag and come up with the goods!

Problem solving

The challenges are exactly that, a challenge! Some may find certain tasks easier than others, however, we guarantee at least a few head scratches before the experience is over! We know how deeply annoying it can be when you really can’t work something out, so we can offer a helpful hint to guide teams in the right direction; it will however cost you a penalty!

Confidence building

Their will certainly be highs and unquestionably some lows when working your way through the experience, however, with team work Despite their being ups and downs within the maze, confidence levels thrive. It’s amazing to see the pride as well as the crystals our adventures are carrying when they emerge from the mighty maze.

We do ask for one teacher/ youth leader to accompany each group, however, they can either be with the group or stay with our games master observing how everything is going! We even supply tea/coffee as were sure you might need one!


This isn’t Mission Impossible……..this is ALPHA OPS!!!


Use advanced equipment to carry out reconnaissance and plan a break in to recover stolen technology….just like in the movies!



Crack codes, solve puzzels and complete physical challenges to achieve the objective!


A truly multi room experience with several full sized rooms, corridors and other spaces to explore and interact with.


A 2 hour experience set against the clock! Can you achieve the objective and if so, can you be the quickest?


Work together and communicate with each other to uncover the clues


Tired of dull and boring team building events? Look no further, there is nothing like Alpha Ops


A great way to spend as a Hen or Stag, indoor fun with plenty of laughs I’m sure

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