Alpha Ops Original

It’s against the clock …. Can you hold your nerve and retrieve the stolen items?

From £24 for a 2 Hour Experience

Gather Your Team

Gather your team of 2 – 8 for what lies ahead… will benefit from a mixed team to complete the tasks ahead of you! Muster a team of go getters as well as thinkers!

Create A Plan

Use high tech equipment including cameras and drones as well as skill and cunning to carry out reconnaissance on the target property. Create plan which will allow you to complete the objective; recovery of stolen items!

Execute The Plan

Once you are in, will your plan hold up? Can you really pull of the ultimate heist just like in the movies? Or will your plan fall apart?

Complete The Objective

Could your team the best? Pit your ability against all those that have come before you! Achieve the objective in the best possible time and without getting caught to see how your team compares!

Can you make it through the laser grid system?

Can you pick a lock and hack into the CCTV?

Can you avoid the pressure sensitive floor?

All against the clock?

Or will you get caught?

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 Book now for an experience you will not forget!

This isn’t Mission Impossible……..      this is ALPHA OPS!!!


Use advanced equipment to carry out reconnaissance and plan a break in to recover stolen technology….just like in the movies!



Crack codes, solve puzzels and complete physical challenges to achieve the objective!


A truly multi room experience with several full sized rooms, corridors and other spaces to explore and interact with.


A 2 hour experience set against the clock! Can you achieve the objective and if so, can you be the quickest?


Work together and communicate with each other to uncover the clues


Tired of dull and boring team building events? Look no further, there is nothing like Alpha Ops


A great way to spend as a Hen or Stag, indoor fun with plenty of laughs I’m sure

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